Born in 1968 in Zambia.
Studied painting at  Athens School of Fine Arts with Professor Patraskidis Triantafilos (1997-2003). During her studies she was nominated for the IKY scholarship five times . She graduated with a distinction.

She taught History of Arts and painting in the Academy of Creative Photography LEICA, in Athens(2004-2008)

Some of her artworks are displayed in Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport        ( competition award ) and in Benaki Museum. Others are parts of appreciable Greek private collections, such as Citibank, Alphatrust, Copelouzos, Moschandreou and Michailidis .

Lives and works in Athens.


2003 Women Agathi Kartalos , Athens.
2006 Angels Agathi Kartalos, Athens.
2010 That Summer art s. a. Kea.
2012 Food Companions – First Approach Agathi Kartalos , Athens
2018 Βack to Black Agathi Kartalos,Athens.

2000 Project Selection Competition at Eleftherios Venizelos airport .
2001 Practising with Time, Hellenic World Foundation,Athens.
2002 Group exhibition, Barracks Kapodistrias, Argos.
2003 Selecting the ASFA students Municipal Gallery of Karditsa.
2004 4 small individual Agathi Kartalos, Athens – Art during the Olympic   Games 2004.
2006 Once there was Penelope Delta * Athens College.
Man in his personal space National Printing Office, Agathi Gallery, Athens.
2007 Birthplace * Benaki Museum, Athens.
Dreams come true * Zoumboulakies Galleries, Athens.
2008 Outlining Dionysios Solomos * Moschandreou Art Gallery,Messolonghi-
– Ex convento dei Santi Cosma e Damiano Ciedecca , Venice –
– Arts Center . Freedom Park, Athens.
Aegina painters * Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina-
– Melina Mercouri Cultural Center,Athens.
2009 By the Sea National Printing Office – Agathi Kartalos.
Messolonghi through Art Moschandreou Art Gallery Messolonghi
– Agathi Kartalos, Athens.
It Happened in Athens * Melina Mercouri Cultural Center,Athens.
2010 Speak, fear not * Visual searches Gallery- E.PS.Y.P.E Organization.
Sunmer group exhibition Giomisti Kefali Gallery, Sifnos.
Human Measures * Melina Mercouri Cultural Center.
2011 Children and Adolescents / Voices and Whispers * Cultural Center
Melina Mercouri ,Athens- E.PS.Y.P.E Organization.
2012 Winery * Lemos Athens Center.
To be … * Tribute to William Shakespeare, Ianos Gallery, Athens.
90 Postcards from Smyrne * Ianos Gallery, Athens.
Re-culture * Art in Progress, Argyris Market, Patras.

2013 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden * Genesis Gallery, Athens.
CHEAPART LIMASSOL 2013 Penindaplinena Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus.
Tribute to Kavafis * Ianos Gallery, Athens.
Speaking about the future * Melina Mercouri Cultural Center,Athens.
When Cinderella met Mr Freud CHANIA ART 2013.
Tribute to Kavafis CHANIA ART 2013.
The temptation of the red apple CHANIA ART 2013.
2014 CHEAPART19 CAMP, Athens.
2015 Guess who is coming for dinner tonight * Gallery Genesis,Athens.
…about poetry* Ianos Gallery,Athens.
Portraits II HANIA ART 2015 ,Crete.
Cricos IV HANIA ART 2015 ,Crete.
2016 Three generations of greek painting from MOSHANDREOU collection
Pinacotheke of Athens.
Messolonghi and lord Byron IV Moshandreou Art Gallery,Messolonghi-
-Agathi Kartalos,Athens.
2017 Secrets and DOCUMENTA Agathi kartalos,Athens.
PAXOI Buildings and Landskapes Chris Boicos Fine Arts,Paxoi.
2018 Messolonghi and lord Byron VI Moshandreou Art Gallery-
-Agathi Kartalos,Athens.

Ιnto your eyes Tsichritzis Foundation For The Visual Arts. Athens

2019 Metamorphose Galerie Karouzou, Zurich

2020 Art Athina Virtual 2020  Galerie Agathi-Kartalos

2021 “1821 The Optic of a revolution” – Museum of War

Αrt Athina Virtual 2021 Galerie Agathi-Kartalos

* Curating by Iris Critikou