Some thoughts….

The human face has always been a rich source of inspiration for me. Even at the times when
I paint still life or a landscape, I somehow, somewhere, draw the silhouette of a person . The human consists the scenery which characterizes the society itself. If you wish to delve into eras, look into people. Just a glance of theirs can answer any of the Whys, the Hows, the Wheres and the Whens .

My preference for the portraits has probably been developed because I always want to understand myself, …….. to understand the others, …….myself into the others, …..the others into the others. There is also the pursuit of the look. The struggle to illustrate the glimpse
you believe that reveals one’s mystery and a blue dot or a slant line are enough to transform them to someone else.

However, it is not only the look . To my belief, the way the inner human processes are reflected on every unintentional motion of the back, or gesture, totally fascinating. It is absolutely charming the way the conditions, like puppeteers, lead the human body. The thoughts accompanied by the time collaborate quietly while constantly sculpting our outline.

In the end, as much as the person tries to avoid, hide or reveal their deepest ego, the thoughts have already sketched their figures.


Marina Krontira

About Byron….

What is the reason why an intellectual Englishman comes to Messologgi and devotes his fortune to the revolutionary struggle of the Greeks which would lead them to their freedom?
Why did he desire the independence of a small and rather unwanted at that time nation? What sort of adventurism urges a noble poet to abandon the salons of the Bourgeoisie in
order to help some miserable, yet passionate people with their seemingly uneven fight ?

Why did the idea of the independent Greece trigger him that much?

Why the cursed rebels all over the world change the history – being unaware of it, though –
while chasing chimeras ?